Conference Topics

Below is presented a brief list of the AUTEX 2018 conference topics:

1. Advanced Fibres and Materials
2. Innovative Functional Textiles
3. Technical Textiles, Composites and Membranes
4. Protective Textiles
5. Medical Textiles, Tissue Engineering, Implants
6. Smart, Interactive and Multifunctional Textiles
7. Textile Processing
8. Innovative Textile Structures
9. Nanotechnology, Nanotextiles, Electrospinning
10. Biopolymers and Biotechnology
11. Surface Functionalization and Coating
12. Textile and Clothing Machinery
13. Textile Testing, Measuring Technology
14. CAD/CAE-Technology, Mass Customisation
15. Modelling and Simulation
16. Fashion – Design and Garment Industry
17. Comfort Science
18. Conservation of Textiles
19. Ecological and Environmental Textiles, Recycling and Life Cycle Analysis
20. Textile Economy, Textile Supply Chain Management
21. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
22. Modern Textile Education and Training